Group Rides and Party Rides

Dare Equestrian Center is pleased to offer group and party rides.

Half Hour Ride and Half Hour Barn Activities: $40.00 per person. In addition to half hour of riding, the group would learn horse grooming, saddling, safety and feeding.

One and One-Half Hour Trail Ride: $60.00 per person. The group or party would ride for 1 1/2 hours.

Trail Rides in Prairie Oaks Metro Park are available to groups and partys.

Minimum of 4 riders for a group or party ride.

All group and party rides must be reserved at least 2 weeks in advance.

A deposit of 1/2 must be paid to reserve your date and time.

Please call with the exact number of riders two days in advance of the reserved date and time.

Balance is due the date that you ride.

Deposits are not refunded.

Please call Linda at (614-580-2758) to schedule your group ride or party.